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Sheila McGill
Developing a social enterprise using animated narrative poetry-StopBeforeYouStart.

I joined Create50 in 2015. I have reviewed 140 projects.

If I was a fountain pen I would need to be constantly refilled, alas, I am not... Red Wine helps!

Films that Inspired Me

Gladiator. Last of the Mohicans. American Beauty ...

My Favorite Quote

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." - Winston Churchill

My Friends

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About Me

Loving Twisted; loving IMPACT and loving the challenge of writing; a complete change from the Health and Fitness industry in which I have worked for over 20 years. People fascinate me and I'm passionate about helping to overcome obstacles. I started writing after losing both parents within one year to smoking related lung cancer.

I thought I might be able to use the poems written to get a ‘don’t start’ message to young people. The poems are now being animated. Extracts are on the animator’s website here

I am also an Action learning Facilitator for the SSE and consider myself lucky to be working with such inspirational 'change makers.' I love the Create 50 theme and the idea of community helping each other. Onward and upwards!

My Recent Work

Screenplay: "Turning Tables" Draft 1 for The Impact:50

Screenplay: "Top Secret" Draft 4 for The Impact:50

Story: Trapped Draft 1 for Twisted50

Story: Undergrowth Draft 4 for Twisted50

Work I Really Enjoyed and Recommend

The Mannequin Man by Stuart Creque

A Beautiful Day by Ricardo Bravo

The Swing by Gareth Eynon

Postage Due by Scott Merrow

Tea for Two by Mondo Ghulam

#MegaLolz by Chris Jeal

True Fear by Gareth Eynon

Dear Son by Su Hoyle

So Much To See by Frazer Lee

Us by Su Hoyle

Sick Puppy by Chris Jeal

Full of Surprises by Scott Merrow

Work I have left feedback on (10 of 140)

Visitor by Matthew Hirons

D.U.M.B. Conversation by Jez Gaydon

"Top Secret" by Sheila McGill

Confessions of a Troll by Jez Gaydon

The girl and the goat by Michael Piggott

Home by Richard Hajdu


SIZE 10 OR DIE TRYING by Francesca Greene

Free At Last by Debbie Dorio

The First Day of Our Lives by Richard Hajdu

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50 Kisses Screens On Feb 14th Deptford Cinema

As a member of the Create50 commmunity, I want to invite you to a screening of 50 Kisses on valentines in Deptford. It will be a great night out and a chance to share the experience on the big screen.