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Currently there are 207 stories submitted to Singularity 50

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The Team

Normal chris jones headshot square
Chris Jones // Director

Create50 founder, author, filmmaker and directors of LondonSWF and TEDxEaling

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Vicky Tolidou // Online Management

Lover of epic fantasy!

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Bryony Quigly // Production Co-ordination

Screenwriter with a dubious sense of fashion and yes, believes the Singularity will happen sooner than expected.


Read stories submitted to 'The Singularity 50'

Stories beginning with the letter Z

Normal lex oct 2015

Z Draft 1 by Alexei Slater written for The Impact:50 // I have to call my parents.

Normal photo on 24 08 2015 at 15.07

Z 46598 Draft 4 by Scott Davenport written for The Impact:50 // Charani, an old Romani woman has to calm her horse and stop it trampling a young girl to death.

Normal emma 1

ZOM Draft 4 by Emma Pullar written for Twisted50 vol 2 // Not all zombies are brainless.

Normal pic2

Zared's ghost Draft 1 by George Hughes written for Twisted50 // A strange schoolboy dares his classmate to see a ghost that haunts his garden at dusk

Normal photo 2014   lisa

Zeibekiko Draft 3 by Lisa Reily written for The Impact:50 // A couple finally visits their friend's village in Greece.

Normal claire

Zero1 Draft 4 by Claire Rye written for Singularity 50 // You have one friend request.

Normal fbnewpic

ZeroTwoSixty Draft 3 by Steve Wrench written for The Impact:50 // It's now or never for Project Halo

Normal 10002999 10152713397100443 4009230658080800474 n

Zombies? Draft 3 by Toby Nicholson written for The Impact:50 // When a a madman and a couple of stoners confuse Laura and Jamie for Zombies, all hell breaks loose in the local kebab shop.

Normal jinge

Zugzwang Draft 3 by Al Watt written for Twisted50 vol 2 // ‘It’s lovely John … I’m sure we’ll be happy here.’