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Currently there are 207 stories submitted to Singularity 50

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The Team

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Chris Jones // Director

Create50 founder, author, filmmaker and directors of LondonSWF and TEDxEaling

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Vicky Tolidou // Online Management

Lover of epic fantasy!

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Bryony Quigly // Production Co-ordination

Screenwriter with a dubious sense of fashion and yes, believes the Singularity will happen sooner than expected.


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Normal jennifer hawkins

The Birds Began To Sing Draft 4 by Jennifer Hawkins written for Singularity 50 // Don't all mothers want to protect their children?

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Falstaff Among the Machines Draft 4 by Kathleen Bryson written for Singularity 50 // Resentful AI sabotages humanity's greatest hopes

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Human_3RR0R Draft 6 by Paul Mackay written for Singularity 50 // When technology fails with fatal consequences, a billionaire tech entrepreneur has the solution.

Normal lady

To whomever it may concern (before the end) Draft 5 by Lee Burgess written for Singularity 50 // Would you put an end to disability if that meant the end of the world?

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Regression Draft 4 by Patrick Skelton written for Singularity 50 // To go forwards, sometimes you first have to go back.

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The Perfect Match Draft 6 by Andy Perry written for Singularity 50 // The beginning of the beginning

Normal carrie small   copy

Goodnight, Krissy. Draft 4 by Carrie Wachob written for Singularity 50 // A scientist takes drastic steps to destroy her past and protect the future.

Normal img 8274

Obsolete Draft 6 by Alison Hogge written for Singularity 50 // An aggressive robot detective seeks answers as to why a former robot judge and its adopted human daughter are repeatedly logging off the network, which is a criminal offence.

Normal profile pic ed2

Uncanny Valley Draft 4 by Michelle Hood written for Singularity 50 // uncanny valley

Normal guitar matt

Sweetcheeks Draft 3 by Matt George Lovett written for Singularity 50 // Knackered cybers, Yankee and Jappy. Twenty-five bob each. Everyone loves a bargain.

Normal guitar matt

The Palomnik Draft 4 by Matt George Lovett written for Singularity 50 // A philosophical musing at the edge of the earth

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Julian Draft 3 by Steve Wrench written for Singularity 50 // Aspire, not expire

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Buzz Kill Draft 2 by Ilesh Topiwala written for Singularity 50 // A hostile negotiation breaks out between man and machine when Jonah gets the munchies.

Normal howard ellison

Almighty Dog's MEGA plan Draft 4 by Howard Ellison written for Singularity 50 // A new world from the old, with luck

Normal 100 0584

As Complex Things Can Do Draft 4 by Stuart White written for Singularity 50 // It started out quite simply...

Normal ac242 05 050 v2   version 2 copy

Seeds Draft 4 by Ashlee Renz-Hotz written for Singularity 50 // Life comes in a variety of forms – all with their own touch of irony

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Here Endeth The Lesson Draft 2 by Danielle Wager written for Singularity 50 // When a witchunt starts at a local school for a member of staff who might not be what they seem, things are more complicated than they first appear.

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b

Eve and Adam Draft 5 by Tom J Hingley written for Singularity 50 // Such is life

Normal 20170106 135608

Why?- Final draft.doc Draft 3 by Adrian Cave written for Singularity 50 // The unimaginable truth

Normal capture

Dot the Comm Draft 5 by Lee Betteridge written for Singularity 50 // A woman falls victim to a Comm’s scatological and vulgar sense of humour